Transport and safety – the two concepts are inseparable. Passion is what motivates us.

You need clean means of transport.

We always make a clean sweep.

Absolute cleanness as protection against soiling is one of the most important criteria for the quality of transport services. Therefore we clean our silo vehicles and tanks at the Frechen and Queis sites in line with the most stringent requirements: using automated high-pressure technology. There are 5 cleaning heads for cleaning with water up to 70°C available on each track.

The optimum washing programme is stipulated depending on the product previously loaded and your next freight. The individual programmes differ in terms of length, water temperature and the addition of special cleaning agents. This way, we guarantee residue-free vehicles and tanks incl. accessory parts.

The cleaning lines are subjected to regular tests to maintain top-level cleaning quality. Further qualification for cleaning staff is also very important. Our contribution for the environment: The line approved according to the German emission protection law BImSchG uses an ultra filtration system to clean the washing water before it is discharged into the public sewage system.