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Passion is what motivates us.

You need room for your business.

We have the capacities you need.

Reloading, intermediate and long-term storage are possible in our warehouses and outdoor storage areas and silos. In all, we have 30,000 sqm of covered storage, 34,000 sqm outdoor storage and 10,000 m³ silo storage available.

Working with us, you can avoid stock surplus and free up space. We are happy to accommodate your special requirements. We can of course integrate your storage logistics services in the supply chain for purchasing and distribution. We have different picking methods and storage strategies to offer such as FIFO or LIFO etc.

Depending on the product and order structure, we combine a number of different storage systems such as high-bay or outdoor storage into a coherent overall concept. This permits the creation of the appropriate individual customer-specific conditions such as the perfectly hygienic handling of bulk goods or serial/batch number tracing etc.

From the simple storage of packed goods in ground-level storage spaces to high-bay storage, for smaller, medium-sized or large companies: H. Freund storage logistics has the optimum solution for your requirements.