FRIENDship service

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With us, they are in excellent hands.

H. Freund stands for smooth, safe and on-schedule haulage. Six planners monitor the use of the pool of vehicles in our central planning department at Frechen headquarters. State-of-the-art means of communication make their work easier. Haulage quality can only be achieved through expertise. A good enough reason to train our staff carefully for their tasks. Regular training events and instruction guarantee our high quality standard, which has been certified to ISO 9001 since October 1993.

Experience in handling hazardous goods

Hazardous goods haulage not only requires special vehicles, it also makes special demands on staff. Trucks require separate approval for certain products. The respective drivers need ADR certificates. H. Freund has the traction vehicles and employees available for a wide range of different hazardous goods. We also have the necessary certificates of exemption which allow us to supply customers on Sundays and public holidays. mehr

Made-to-order planning: Coping with peaks, avoiding surplus

Planning for hazardous goods, for example, is done daily, thus depending on the customer’s order quantity. If a lime, cement or mixing works needs less energy (pulverised lignite), for example, orders for between 200 and 300 tonnes can be cancelled at short notice. H. Freund has the resources to compensate this surplus. But the power necessary to cope with peaks too.