Transport and safety – the two concepts are inseparable. Passion is what motivates us.

Your goods are on the safe side with us.

We service, repair and clean our vehicles ourselves.

The safety of the goods we are entrusted with is our top priority. For this reason, we set great store by comprehensive further training and qualification of our employees, the modernity and functionality of our vehicles and plant and the continual improvement of all process workflows.

We also have a responsibility towards the quality of our services and the protection of our employees, the environment and the public. So we are continually checking and optimising all our measures in terms of safety. Thanks to SQAS – Safety and Quality Assessment System – it’s very easy for you to check this for yourself.

In excess of the basic legal requirements, we have developed methods of quality and environment assurance as well as health and safety protection measures. The SQAS system confirms the safety and quality of these services.


Find out more about the range of services offered by our company’s own garage. 


We inspect our vehicles more often than prescribed by legislation – once a month.


Find out how we guarantee the thorough, residue-free cleaning of the inside of our silos.

Recovery vehicles

Discover how we keep our fleet mobile thanks to our own recovery and service vehicles.