Your fleet-footed FRIEND

With our fleet of more than 150 vehicles, we can cope with any challenge. Passion is what motivates us.

Your special requirements demand unusual measures.

We are perfectly equipped for any unloading situation.

Compressors help with the clean and hygienic loading and unloading of bulk goods. Our vehicles are equipped with oil- and water-free compressors with an output capacity of up to 1600 m³/h for appropriate transportation of the usually sensitive granules, powders or dusts. The specially designed conveying air coolers guarantee a maximum air temperature of 40°C. An air filtering level of 5µ micro-filters is guaranteed.

Material can be extracted, re-blown or re-filled using special suction/pressure compressors even in emergency situations. So we can get your product on the road more quickly.

Our trucks have optimum sound insulation to keep noise levels as low as possible during loading and unloading processes.

We have trucks without compressors as well, of course. These are used when customers have a compressor on site and it would not be economical to use a truck with compressor due to the additional weight.