Transport and safety – the two concepts are inseparable. Passion is what motivates us.

You want maximum reliability.

We guarantee this in our own interest as well as yours.

Because we know what’s important, the safety requirements at H. Freund are much more stringent than the inspection intervals prescribed by legislation. Every vehicle is subject to a inspection. Only vehicles with an H. Freund inspection sticker are used. Vehicle monitoring is documented. Planners have access to these to help them plan better.

All these measures help to avoid total failure, prevent breakdowns, recognise more major damage in advance and eliminate it and, at the end of the day, to protect other road users. Because breakdowns cost time and money, and endanger both products and human life.

The performance capacity of our vehicles depends to a great extent on the quality and service life of the components used. For this reason, we only use genuine spare parts from vehicle manufacturers. You can be sure that our vehicles will deliver outstanding performances over a long period.