Your fleet-footed FRIEND

With our fleet of more than 150 vehicles, we can cope with any challenge. Passion is what motivates us.

You want highly motivated drivers.

We turn the driver cab into a high-tech control centre.

The quality of our haulage services mainly depends on our fleet’s equipment and thus on our drivers’ working conditions. Companies who are stingy and do away with a minimum of professionalism and comfort just to reduce vehicle weight, for example, are saving on the wrong things.

Which is why our vehicles are usually equipped with permanently installed car phones, a sat-nav system for optimum routing and GPS-supported fleet management. In addition, radar-controlled distance sensors and similar tools guarantee maximum safety.

In addition to further transport equipment, our vehicles usually have air conditioning, park heating, a TV for the longer breaks required during long-distance haulage and much more besides. This all contributes to making drivers’ jobs easier, increases efficiency and driving safety and boosts personal motivation. Because satisfied drivers drive more safely, perform better and identify themselves more closely with their job.